"Turn Up" is an unreleased song by Justin Bieber. Big Sean released "I Don't Fuck With You" with the same beat. DJ Mustard said that it was all because of "miscommunication." Apparently Bieber's camp never confirmed they wanted the beat and Justin never finished the song. They still haven't reached out about it, so it ended up going to Big Sean[4]

Audio Edit

Snippets Edit

Lyrics Edit

(Mustard on the beat)

It's crazy when you're in the club, you hear your song, you're ready to turn up

Dancing with somebody
The way you move your body
Saturday morning
Take my number
Just call me
Hey girl, I like it when you do it like that
I like it when you do it like that
Hey girl
I like it when you do it like that
Why you always do me like that


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