These unknown songs are snippets Justin posted on his Instagram or found on the Internet. Some of them might come out and some of them will never be released. Justin said he has over 400 unreleased songs on his iPhone.

Song #1 Edit

This song is probably a freestyle song and not recorded. It is a collaboration with Maejor.

Song #2 Edit

Justin Bieber speaks to Soundz with a new song in the background in Toronto, Canada 19/03/14

And I'm down
Oh no

Song #3 Edit

This song's caption was "I Want It All". Ryan Butler posted this on Instagram.

I wanna be a father
To teach them right from wrong
I wanna have a daughter

Song #4 Edit

This is an unreleased jam by Justin Bieber and Rudy Mancuso, Rudy plays the piano and beatboxes while Justin sings.

Ever 'bout to change lives
I said nothing will ever come between us
I said nothing, nothing ever, ever'll come between us
Come between us

Why do I feel like I'm?
Stuck in another world
Why do I feel like I'm?
It's now or never girl
Why is she playing these games?
Why am I caught up in this arraignment
Why won't it be like everytime you?

Why they wanna try to bring me down?
I don't know
Why they tryna bring me down?
I don't know
Why they tryna put me down?
But I know

I just wanna know why, we were so connected
Had to seek the moment
You could not explain it
I just think that I want
You to try to make me
Make me why I know the reason and the chances of everything we could be
I just know that we could be the type of people that could be an opposite
Every time that we were bored to rock n roll
I know it's weird and everything
I just wanna be the one to know that we can only understand everything
Cause I, I
Said I, I I want there to be an I, I
Cause I, I felt everything
And I, I

Why do they try to break me down
I don't know, I don't know
Why do you keep falling for me?
...I need to know the name oh

everything just ...
I don't know why
I don't know about ... escapes
That's what I know
I know that ...
That's what I know

Song #5 Edit

These are Instagram snippets but he also recorded it as an acoustic track.

Nothing nothing nothing nothing
No ohh
When you just worry about the little things
Girl don't worry about nothing
Oh you love
I said one two three four five
I just wanna
I just wanna spend the night with you love
Oh love no
I got your back, babe
And I won't let you go
I’ll hold you close to me
And I won't let you go
Babe, I’ll take control
I’ll hold you close to me
And I won't let you go
And I got you back, babe
And I won't let you go

I got your back, babe
And I won't let you go
I’ll hold you close to me
And I won't let you go

Song #6 Edit

Justin plays this song at different purpose tour concerts, and he also posted different videos of him playing the guitar part on instagram.

Just look up at the stars for me tonight
Just look up at the stars for me tonight
Just look up at the stars for me tonight
And everything will be alright
Just look at the, look at the, look at the, look at the stars tonight

Song #7 Edit

I said you're amazing
She said you must be crazy
I said no I'm not, well a little maybe
and I don't talk a lot but when I do I mean it
And I swear I know an angel baby
When I see it, I know I do have issues
But I got into them with you
Not gonna lie girl, I miss you
Not even superficial
We spent beautiful moments and some beautiful dreams
But ain't nothing more beautiful than you right next to me
And I got a couple days

The instrumental of the song is produced by Kozoro and Maejor made some changes.

Song #8 Edit

We throw it all away for you
Are we foolish?
Or are we stupid now?
We throw

Song #9 Edit

Justin Bieber
Cause every second, every hour, every minute with you babe
It's like I'm stuck in Bora Bora now with you ...

Lil Za
Sitting right here with an ice cold beer
In my rocking chair over there
When I decided to take a stroll in the park and I
I saw a woman that look like you
And I just cruise oh

Song #10 Edit

Open your mind
Wider than the ocean
Life is 'bout the moment
And every single time you wanna give up
Hold on tight
To what you love
and don't let go oh no
(don't let go)

And every single time you want a break
A break from your troubles
Take a breath every step
Let it wash away
Wash away
(ohoho) oh wash away

Before the number was the name
March 1st before player was the game
21 years ago, it’s never ever been the same
In all my life I never wanted to play the game
I'm not the same as Michael even though he hall of fame
I'm all hall of faith put me on the wall of change
I got a couple things to learn along the way
Figure out how to mean what I say
I just gotta be me

Song #11 Edit

This song was playing in the background on a Instagram video of @youngpeezus.

'Cause I'm okay
If you're okay (ah)
If you're (?)

Song #12 Edit

Justin plays a new song at 1OAK club in Monte Carlo, Monaco, on May 29th.

I know we can make this moment
Girl, I just talked to you
Everytime, everytime (?)

Song #13 Edit

Justin posted this snippet on September 19th, 2017 on his Instagram story.

Josh Gudwin is probably the sound engineer of this song since he's seen in the story inside the studio with Justin.

I'll leave if you want me to let go
You don't deserve this emotional rollercoaster
I keep on doing the same thing

Other Songs Edit

Believe Edit

  • Taylor Swift collab
    • Bieber shared the studio with country cutie Taylor Swift to work on a song. In fact, his lady love, Selena Gomez, even had some high praise for the never-released track. In the end, the Swift tune just didn't fit in with the final vibe of the album, Braun explained: "It didn't go on Believe, because there's another record they want to work on. So, it just didn't make sense at this time, and the song they did just didn't make sense on this album."[1]
  • Kanye West collab
    • Then there was the highly anticipated collaboration between Bieber and Kanye West. Despite being pictured in the studio with Yeezy, in the end, Bieber's track with the rapper "didn't make sense at this time," Braun said.[1]
  • Adam Levine collab
    • In Addition To Swift, Bieber was also trying to make something happen with Maroon 5 leading man Adam Levine. "We talked with Adam Levine about doing stuff," Braun recalled. "And he wanted too, but with everything else, we could just never get the studio time in together."
  • Timbaland collab
    • Justin Bieber tweeted the news that he is working with powerhouse producer Timbaland, posting: “still a little tired. back in the studio today with @Timbaland working on #BELIEVE . until then #powernap.”[2]
  • Sean Garrett collab
    • Bieber is also partnered up with Sean Garrett. Garrett tweeted a note of praise about Bieber, writing: “@justinbieber working with him over the last few day were amazing! Huge things to come!”[2]

Purpose Edit

  • Kanye West collab (produced by Rick Rubin)
    • In a interview with French site Clique, Justin spilled some details about his recording sessions with Kanye, saying they worked on music with a “really cool, really New York vibe”.[3]

Non-album/other artists Edit

  • 2011: Producer Danja x Justin Bieber [4]
  • 2013: G-Dragon x Justin Bieber [5]
    • Billboard - One of K-pop's brightest stars has linked up with on of the world's biggest pop singers. G-Dragon, the leader of popular boy band BIGBANG, and Justin Bieber have recorded a track together. Justin recorded his part of the song but G-Dragon probably never finished the song as it would never release.[6][7]
  • 2014: Ariana Grande x Justin Bieber [8]
    • "We were working on it. We were in the studio together ... we were going to do it, but then we both got busy," Ariana said in an interview with the AP. "I had to focus on my stuff and he was focusing on his, and it just sort of didn't really get done.
  • 2014: Austin Mahone: R&B-pop Song (written by Justin Bieber) [9]
    • "They work with a lot of the same producers and Justin knew Austin has been in the studio working on his album. Justin had a song he thought could be really perfect to do with Austin so they got together in the studio." [10]
    • “So basically … he had a song he wrote like a year ago, and he wanted me to be on that,” Mahone spilled. “So he flew to Miami like a week ago.” [11]
    • It’s not a [duet]. It’s a song that he had written and gave to me, so he was in the studio helping me record that. I’m not sure if it will come out yet, but if it does, it will probably come out by the end of the year or by next year. It’s kind of like a mid-tempo, R&B-pop type deal. [12]
  • 2016: Ray J x Justin: R&B
    • According to Booker, the songs and video segments will also feature Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Too Short and Kid Ink. [13]
  • 2016 Martin Garrix x Justin Bieber
    • Martin explained, "We both have a super busy touring schedule, but whenever we have time we try and meet up and do normal things". So all this time spent together, surely it means a potential collab in the future right? Well Garrix has confirmed it himself! He said "There's some rough things going back and forth, one day, one day." [14]
    • VIDEO: Martin talking about another Justin collab". [15]
    • Martin played a song he did with Justin for the interviewer of RTL Late Night, he gives it a 7,8/10 and he doesn't want to release a single under both their names if it's not a 10, he's a perfectionist so it'll never be released".
  • 2017: BloodPop x Justin Bieber: Rap (20-minute song)
    • There was one night where I think he rapped, like, 100 bars over a beat. Just totally freestyled. It was great, it was a good night. The beat never ended up getting used, but it's somewhere, I think it’s like a 20-minute song.[16]
  • 2017: There's 2 songs in Music Mafia exclusive packs.

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