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  • I live in Grays, Essex, England
  • I was born on December 18
  • My occupation is School student
  • I am Female
  • AnimeTomboy1998

    Yeah, back! :)

    Okay, I had quite a loooong break from Wikias but I'm back now. & GOOD NEWS: I got to see Justin on 7th March at the London O2 Arena. It was AWESOME!

    Anyways, back to business - I will visit now & again to help all this & edit & fix whenever I can. I will always be back when I can to help make this Wikia awesome! & thanks for keeping me as an admin (even if I have been inactive LOL)

    Okay, so, after soooo long... Hi! :)

    -AT1998 xxx

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  • AnimeTomboy1998

    Yes, I know I'm not active on here as much as I'd want to but there's just sometimes no way to get on here. I apologise in advance for major disappearances but I will help when I have the free time. I admin & contribute to many Wikis so it's sometimes really difficult to try & do my part on here & I just wanna say if it does stress out the other admins, you can go ahead & delete me as admin but I will still try & edit to make this the best it can be. :)

    Also, it isn't just about how I am online; since school's started again, I've had a damn lotta homework so it takes away my free time. I know, it sucks so bad but I will try & manage it all to help everyone on here with improving the Wiki more every time.

    Don't think I don't wanna come on her…

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