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    Justin Bieber sent Twitter into a momentary frenzy Tuesday when he tweeted that he had done a voiceover for "The Simpsons." He soon became a trending topic and took advantage of the burst of attention to promote his single "As Long As You Love Me."

    Around 6 p.m. Justin Bieber tweeted, "just did a voice over for the SIMPSONS!!! #swaggy."

    Bieber's 26,894,959 followers immediately became excited after hearing the news, many of them saying that they were curious when the episode would air so that they could watch it.

    The excitement of Bieber being on "The Simpsons" quickly faded, but the "As Long As You Love Me" singer wanted to take the opportunity to promote his new song by posting it on Stamped, a website like Pintrest where you "record and sh…

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  • Roxyme

    He may be the object of infatuation, lust, and borderline OBSESSION for millions of teenage girls across the globe, but Justin Bieber doesn't have time to get wrapped up in his status as heartthrob in the eyes of all those Beliebers! In fact, the pop sensation recently opened up about how he handles the endless attention from the ladies, and explains that he deliberately keeps himself surrounded by family and friends…who don't LET it get to his head!

    He reveals:

    "It's just about keeping close family around and getting that time for yourself to really have alone time, or hang out with your friends, and stuff like that."

    Now are we talking ALONE alone time, or alone time with our beloved Selenita, boy?! LOLz!

    We kid, we kid!

    We're just very happy…

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