I am sure all of you guys have heard the lies of Mariah Yeter and Justin Bieber creating a child together. Well one I think it is bold faced LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew from the beginning that it was true. And all she has been doing is making herself look bad with the lie. I mean there are too many clues to why this is false.

Clues to why this is a LIE

  • Why would she wait 5 months????? I mean why didn't she tell when you got pregnant???? She says she tried to call. Which we have seen no PHONE RECORDS to prove this. But if it was me I would do everything I could to make sure I got in contact with the father.
  • Why did you drop the lawsuit????? She could have got a lot of money if he was the father and she pursued it for so long. And then you just DROP it?!?!?!?!?! Uh, sounds like she realized that her little plot was unfolding. Any other woman would have done it but not her. This is how I knew she was LYING!!!!!!!!! And what is funny how when Justin decides to sue that is when she drops it. Now why would she do that????????!?!?!!??!
  • A ex of her even said he was the father!!!!!
  • She owes the hospital a lot of money. She was probably hoping Justin and his lawyers would pay to keep her quiet. HAH! didn't happen. She needed cash so she lied on Justin to get it.
  • She accused 2 OTHER MEN of parenting her baby before Jusin. And rumor is according to the 2nd guy she accused she slept around. If she was so sure Justin was father why did you accuse other guys????? I mean hello? The 2nd guy confirmed this and even said all she wanted was money.

At the end of the day the truth will come out. I mean Justin has done his part but why hasn't Mariah taken the test and released it??? We'll never know but it is because she knew she was lying. The worst part to me is you brought your innocent 5 month baby in your web of lies. He deserves better.

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