On one hand I just found out I am an admin!!!!!! Thanks so much. I am so happy. Bieber fans rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for the ppl who welcomed me thanks. I really appreciate it.

On the other hand this one is for the guys with bad things to say about JB. Nobody cares!!!!!!! If you want to talk about badly about him go somewhere else this is for people who SUPPORT him. ( If u just support him and aren't a fan, that's cool too.) Don't you guys know what that means? It is so stupid if you hate why are you wasting your time coming on here to express your HATE! There are plenty " I hate Justin Bieber clubs" for you to join. I am a person who tells things how it is. I refuse to lie and sugar coat things. Stop bashing. This is his page for the fans to express their love not hate. Go somewhere else or I will starting DELETING them and I will do it every time and no one will stop me. Get the picture.

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