"Who Shot Ya?" is a freestyle rap performed by Justin Bieber on Hot 97.5 in Vegas. The song was recorded in the studio while making Believe just for fun.

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Running everywhere trying to find who I am
Going nowhere so I'm trying again
I am so lost like paper no pen
Yes you have call so, yes, here I am
Cold no sweater
Bold no letter
So much better
My role go-getter
My tole is red then the fire in my eyes
I'mma rain no weather
The goal I'mma set is a whole lot better

When the storm from Jehovah comes
I'm gonna be the best ever
Love from the start
Peace in my heart
I'mma roll ah were never be apart
But I still wonder
Have I felt the thunder?
I can feel it in my heart shooting like a like a hunter
Yeah, a straight gunner, but it feels strange
Yeah the things in my heart, makes things change
How I felt before makes my brain rearrange
And what I do it for is definitely not the same

Can I just take a minute?
Yeah, just wait a minute
Starting to hate the minute
We have to pay the minute
Yah alright ok the minute
Or we could wait a minute
See how many times it just takes to say a minute
Life is so short, but we just take it for granted
Hand over my life and it was a life I was handed
Flying so high and, yes, I just landed
Im tryna figure out what my plan is
His hand is on my life, and my sin just vanished
My filth washes of quick like her fake tan is
I'm growing up quick like a grown man is
I'mma be set so will my great grand kids