"Yes I Can" is a song by Canadian recording artist, Justin Bieber. The song features Justin Bieber's best friend, Christian Beadles.



...and opens
Lock me up, sock me up, bring me to the tops and up
Put me up in chains cause the beast he feels no pain
Yo I’m not like Lil Wayne and I ain’t no T-Pain
My swagger’s like BAM and my flow is insane
I’m like Lebron James yeah I gotta make my name
Yo they call me great Dane cause my sides need a mane
What I’m tryin’ to say is give a hand, give a hand,
Just pray every day for those man in Iran
You can, you can do it to just say “YES I CAN!”
If you livin’ on the streets just say “YES I CAN!”
If you strugglin’ to eat just say “YES I CAN!”
If you haven’t seen your kids for weeks, “YES YOU CAN!” yeah...

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